About DCA

About DCA

A bit of history

DCA’s partnership with German manufacturer Sanomat extends more than 50 years. During this time DCA have contributed to further machine improvement, using feedback from our UK clients on applications, hygiene & products. As a result of the collaboration between DCA and Sanomat the new auto-clean cream machine was introduced to the range in 2008. This innovation opened up many new, diverse and exciting markets for DCA.

Managing director, Robert Forster, commenced employment with DCA in 1990. His passion for the business resulted in him acquiring DCA outright from its then parent company (Kerry Group) in 2009. At this time DCA secured sole UK Business Partnership with Sanomat


Robert Forster, together with colleagues Chris Wild & Sue Robinson, consider Sanomat cream whipping machines to be the best on the market. They look forward to demonstrating this to you whilst sharing their industry knowledge and experience.

About DCA

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