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Cream Whipping Machine – Food Service

Impress your customers

Add the wow factor to your hot chocolates, ice cream, waffles, sundaes and desserts and make them irresistible by using fresh whipped cream. Impress your customers with the quality and presentation of your desserts & hot drinks whist adding value to your business.

  • Fresh whipped cream, instantly available at the press of a button.
  • No down-time, no mess and no wastage.
  • Consistent high quality fresh whipped cream that has strength, quality and stability.
  • Prepare and display your desserts ahead of busy service 
  • Free air is added to liquid cream, no more aerosols or costly gas cartridges.
  • Compact design suitable for front-of-house.
  • Indispensable piece of equipment delivering high quality, low cost whipped cream.

Cost benefits illustration

DCA cream machine v Aerosol cream method

DCA cream machine
1 litre of liquid cream
Deposits 32 portions (30g)  
Portion cost 9.9p (based on price of £3.24 per litre)    
Quality of portion is retained throughout service and beyond
Aerosol cream method
500g Aerosol Can
Deposits 17 x 30g portions
Portion cost 16p (based on a price of £2.75 per can)
Quality of portion deteriorates immediately

Amigo and Cremaldi are ideally suited to your food service needs and like all DCA machines are cleaned to an exceptional hygiene standard without the need for daily disassembly.

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